• Happy Broomstick Day (3-7 years)

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The celebrations for Broomstick Day are well underway on the island of Scairay, yet Greta is sitting at home, alone with her cat.

Wouldn't she like to take part in the cat 'n' wand race or the three-handled race?

And why did she have to be rescued from a frogsmelly cauldron?

Being different can be dangerous, especially when you're a witch!

With a story of over a thousand words, this is longer than your average picture book but together with Marjory Tait's fabulous and funny illustrations, the reader is swept through the book to discover why Greta has never joined in the celebrations for Broomstick Day. With lots of hearty cackles along the way, nevertheless bubbling below the surface is a more serious message about the isolation that can result from being different to your peers.

Written by Pauline Mackay

Illustrated by Marjory Tait

Paperback: 32 pages; full colour

Size: 269 x 216mm

ISBN: 9781910280362

This story is available in English only

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Happy Broomstick Day (3-7 years)

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Tags: broomstick, witches, Hallowe'en