• Wee MacNessie Book Gift Set - French and English (2-5 years)

Wee MacNessie Book Gift Set in French and English

This gift set contains all four books in the Wee MacNessie series:

Le Petit MacNessie/Wee MacNessie

Où est le Petit MacNessie/Where is Wee MacNessie?

Le Petit MacNessie et les boutons écossais/Wee MacNessie and the Tartan Spots

Le capitaine Petit MacNessie/Captain Wee MacNessie

Four endearing stories about Wee MacNessie, who doesn’t know he’s the Loch Ness Monster, and his best friends, Suzie the Salmon, Dolly the Dragonfly and Fergus the Frog.

 Each paperback book has 24 pages with full colour illustrations.

The books are in a resealable plastic bag decorated with a piece of ‘Flower of Scotland’ tartan ribbon.

Beautiful Scottish souvenir.

This gift set is available in English, English/French, English/German and English/Spanish

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Wee MacNessie Book Gift Set - French and English (2-5 years)

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