• Wee MacNessie - English/Italian  (2+ years)
 This is the first story in the 'Wee MacNessie' series.

Bilingual: English and Italian

The Loch Ness Monster is famous all over the world...but not everyone believes it exists.
Wee MacNessie is an endearing and humorous reinvention of The Loch Ness Monster. The delicate watercolour illustrations provide a beautiful snapshot of life around Urquhart Castle.

With a very short, simple text in both English and Italian, Wee MacNessie is a perfect first story for pre-school children and makes a lovely Scottish souvenir. 

This series of books is a wonderful way to introduce children to Scottish culture. The illustrations provide opportunities to discuss the existence - or not - of the Loch Ness Monster, castles, wildlife in and around Loch Ness and waterways of Scotland.
Written by Pauline Mackay; illustrated by Shelley Mackay; translated by Carla Zipoli

 Paperback: 24 pages

 Size: 220 x 220mm

ISBN: 0781910280102

This book is available in 13 language editions.

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Wee MacNessie - English/Italian (2+ years)

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