About Ablekids Press

Ablekids Press is a publishing company founded in 2007 and owned by Pauline Mackay. Based in Inverness, in the north of Scotland, we have recently opened an office at 10-12 Market Brae Steps from which members of the public can also buy a selection of our products. All resources are written by Pauline Mackay then remaining services are contracted out as with traditional publishers. This makes Ablekids Press fairly unique in the self-publishing world! Apart from our first two titles which were printed in Ireland, we try very hard to source as many services as possible here in Scotland.

Due to Pauline's passion for languages and language-learning, Ablekids Press takes enormous pleasure in creating books and resources in various language editions and now has 16 languages on offer across bilingual books, monolingual books and digital resources.

 As well as supporting the revival of Scottish Gaelic, the influx of people from across the world has opened up possibilities for languages such as Polish, Turkish and Romanian. With the Scottish government introducing a new 1+2 language policy in primary schools, which means all children will have access to two additional languages, it seems that this is a wonderful time for developing language resources. There is also a renewed interest in the Scots language which has led to English/Scots versions of the first three Wee MacNessie titles and a Scots only edition of Kitty's Scottish Safari.

 Our most successful books are without doubt the 'Wee MacNessie' series based on the Loch Ness Monster. This is an incredibly fun project to work on. There are now five titles in the series, and the sixth story is in full production. As well as fitting into an educational environment, they have great appeal for tourists and many a 'Wee MacNessie' book has been sent as a gift to friends and family abroad.