Ceum Nam Measan (3-7 years)

Ceum Nam Measan (3-7 years)
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Thig is coinnich Mgr. Sùbh-làir, a theaghlach agus a nàbaidhean an Ceum nam Measan. Faigh a mach cò tha fuireach an Taigh Coille nan Caochag agus carson tha Niall Orains gu bhith an trioblaid a rithist!

Come and Meet Mr Strawberry, his family and neighbours in Fruit Lane. Find out who lives in Mushroom Wood House and why Neil Orange is going to get in trouble again!

Topics for discussion include fruit, jobs, numbers 1-10 and animals Check out all the quirky houses and gardens and see if you can answer the questions -answers supplied at the back!

Author: Pauline Mackay

Illustrator: Shelley Buckner

Translator: Katie MacGregor

Language: Gaelic only

Paperback: 24 pages

Size: 210 x 297mm

ISBN: 978 09557118 17

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